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The Blue Ribbon Ventures Foundation Mission:
To promote education, safety, sportsmanship and competition by providing financial and educational assistance to individuals and organizations in their pursuit of developing riders into well rounded horsemen.

The BRV Foundation offers the following Grants:

~Robert Mickayl Emergency Equine Veterinary Fund: Named in honor of Naomi's father, Robert Mickayl, who ALWAYS put the horses first, this grant will assist with Emergency Veterinary bills that an owner may not otherwise be able to afford.

~Personal Educational Grant: To assist with training, transportation or instruction to further one's equestrian education.

~Organizational Education Grant: Intended to assist organizations for holding clinics and other educational seminars to further the educational goals of creating good horsemen.

~Competition & Travel Grant: To assist riders who have their "ultimate goal" with-in their reach, and may need a little assistance to make it there. From local level shows, to year end finals, this grant is intended to help those equestrians achieve their dream to compete at a certain show/finals.

The Blue Ribbon Ventures Foundation is proud to announce that we have obtained our Charitable 501c3 status!